PAAS 2017 Report to the Communities We Serve

2017 was a very busy year for PAAS. We rescued, fixed and found permanent homes for 460 adoptable local dogs and cats. All these were from Craig County and areas around Grand Lake. 166 of these were surrendered by owners that could no longer care for them. 10 were mama dogs that delivered 86 healthy puppies while in local foster homes (Richardson & Rexwinkle Birthing Centers). The rest were strays.

In addition, 992 family owned pets were fixed through our low cost spay neuter programs. We entered 2018 with 60 on a waiting list. These pets will no longer reproduce and thus help control the animal overpopulation crisis in our area.

We continue our dog training program at the correctional facility in Vinita. 18 dogs graduated in 2017 and several of these are now on the path to become service dogs.

If we include the 1155 dogs and cats from our partner shelters that came to PAAS on their way to forever homes in Colorado, then 1615 adoptable animals came through our facility in 2017. In 2018 we expect this number to be closer to 2000.

All of this would not have been possible without the support of our local veterinarians, volunteers, grant partners and your financial support.

Please consider donating to PAAS at or send a check to PAAS, PO Box 491, Vinita, OK 74301. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference.

For the Animals.

Below is the impact of PAAS programs on our communities:

In Vinita

  • 100 strays from the pound are fixed and adopted

  • 70 pets were surrendered to PAAS & are now in new homes

  • 406 family owned pets are fixed and will not reproduce

  • 50 feral cats were trapped, fixed and then released

  • 210 families were helped with dog food and supplies

  • 0% euthanasia at the city pound

  • 35 dogs attended our microchip clinic and were microchipped

Craig County and South Grand Lake

  • 586 family owned pets were fixed and will not reproduce

  • 12 stray dog mamas and 90 healthy puppies are now fixed & adopted

  • 96 pets were surrendered by owners & are now in new homes

  • 80 strays were fixed and are now in new homes

  • 35 dogs attended our free microchip clinic and were microchipped

We want to thank everyone in our communities who have supported our efforts. Without your financial support we could not do what we are doing.

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