The Vinita FFA blazes a new trail!

The Vinita FFA has been known for their innovative projects. Some of these projects include a farmers’ market, holiday market, a food truck and a successful catering service. Our programs have been an example to other FFA Chapters across the country. We are taking our next huge step and launching an e-commerce website. This endeavor is a major step toward teaching our students skills that will set them up for success in their future lives. Through this website they will learn about production, commerce, Internet marketing and what it takes to get goods into the hands of consumers. Because we are all about growing our community, the site features Oklahoma made products. Future plans are to sell some student-made products on the site right along with those made by our suppliers. Our students are incredibly talented and you are going to enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor. You will find only the highest quality products on our site and we will be handling the fulfillment of the products ourselves.

The site itself has two main purposes. One will be to educate the public about the Vinita FFA and its many facets. Visit the site to learn about our innovative projects and to see some of our future plans. We have some REALLY BIG things coming and you won’t want to miss them. (Shameless tease here!) The second purpose for this site is to sell products made by Oklahoma companies and by our students. It’s a full e-commerce site with a full shopping cart system that includes, secure payments by credit card and shipping to anywhere in the US.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, as we will be making announcements about changes and improvements we make on our site. We can’t thank our community enough for their support over the years and we ask for your continued support for this project. Please help us to get the word out by sharing the site with your friends.

And now please enjoy our site.

Carolyn Piguet is the visionary behind the Vinita Chapter of the FFA. She has been the driving force behind the FFA Catering business, The Farmers’ and Holiday Markets along with the student run Food Truck. She is someone who embraces the hard work that it takes to grow the program and she puts in countless hours to make it happen. She had the idea to create an e-commerce website that would not only be a fund raiser for the FFA but would teach the students the many aspects of running a business. Stay tuned to see the many more trail blazing ideas she has in store for our community!

Tammie O’Neal of O’Neal Design was approached to bring Carolyn’s unique vision to life. Tammie has over eighteen years experience in marketing and website design. She has a passion for helping her clients discover what is possible for their business and achieve their goals. The goal for this site was to design a clean and highly functional site that is easy to navigate. “Tammie is great to work with and was able to make our vision a reality. She had so many ideas on what we can do for marketing and she has the technical know how to make it happen.”

Telly Stotts is a very talented photographer who is responsible for most of the photos you see on our website. She did a great job of photographing the products you see on the site. Her skill was integral to having a professional look and fell for the site. Telly made the products that have been hand selected by Carolyn look amazing. Telly has been working with the Vinita FFA for several years now and is a valuable part of the team.

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